Red Thread - A Feature Film by Teddy Sharkova Pashikov

Eva Purnomo - Editor

A BFA from Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia, Eva chose to pursue her Master's degree at SCAD where she discovered her love for editing. Her dedication led her to the film Sapelo Island: Restoration of Faith, screened at Savannah Film Festival, Frederick Film Festival, Moondance International Film Festival, and aired on GPTV. Her credits include the short film Left Handed Laundry, Winner Best Student Film Chicago Film Festival, A-20 Documentary Cannes Film Festival 2001, promotional videos for GULFSTREAM, Fashion Department Commercial (Best Editing SCADEMY Awards 98),  Do You Have Vision?  SCAD Admission Video 1998 and others.

For her outstanding work and talent, Eva has received numerous awards including Outstanding Achievement in Video Spring 2000; Best Editing, SCAD Video Awards '98; Finalist for Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Student Internship Competition '98; Presidential Full Scholarship from SCAD '98; Morris Sheer Fellowship, Spring 1995.

Eva is currently working as Operations Manager of  D61 Production House/SCAD-TV. Red Thread was her first feature film.

Eva Purnomo Editor of Red Thread
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