Red Thread - A Feature Film by Teddy Sharkova Pashikov

Harvey Ray - Executive Producer

Born in Savannah, Harvey lived in N.Y. for 20 years, working in the film industry. He co–founded and directed Consortium, a company of dancers and musicians. A life long jazz saxophonist and vocalist, Harvey has performed music extensively, including several appearances at the White House.

He was directly involved with the development and introduction of several major technologies for film, including electronic cinematography (Panavision’s Panacam,) and Montage, the first electronic random access editing system (pre AVID), which changed film editing forever; and then, DaVinci - the digital scene to scene color correction system which is still the world standard for the film industry.

Harvey is Director of Film Industry Relations for SCAD, is a member of the Savannah Film Commission, and is actively involved in bringing film production in Savannah, especially fine independent films. Shortly after joining SCAD Harvey conceived of and created Savannah Cinema Post, the only full service film post production facility available to students in any major film school.

Harvey Ray - Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Harvey Ray - Executive Producer Harvey Ray
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